Success stories 
" Hans has many 30 years experience leads me to see my vision and training me well-being in my personal and work. His wisdom of life and willing to share unique actions to support more people on this journey, Deep bows. 

Hans 擁有30年的顧問經驗,透過他的指引,都可讓我清楚地看見我的願景,高效能鍛鍊的基礎就是幸福指數,很感謝他跟大家分享這次21天的訓練,透過線上課程的鍛鍊能夠支持到更多人。感恩

— Romona Guan
Hans's clear and powerful coaching has enabled me to grow at a higher level in terms of professionalism, life, and self-development. From the first day when Hans became my coach to the present, my Well-being practice has never stopped and has become a part of my life, because it is the simpiest but most powerful exercise, as well as the foundation of any other form of individual growth and value. I'm exhilarated that that Hans is going to share such a wonderful gift to Taiwan!

Hans清晰有力的coaching, 使我無論在專業上、生活上、與自我鍛鍊上,都有了更高層次的成長。從Hans成為我的教練的第一天到現在,我的Well-being practice從未間斷過,已經成為我生活的一部分,因為它是一種最簡單卻最有力量的鍛鍊,也是其他任何形式的自我成長與價值的基礎。非常興奮Hans將這樣美好的禮物分享給台灣!

- Estella Lu
I was fortunate to be guided by Hans. His style is witty and warm, clear and firm. The exercise tools he provides are pragmatic and effective, and can be continuously used in life to enhance self-awareness, and then produce a highly efficient state of self-adjustment, so that I can engage in the steady state of satisfaction and comfort in both work and life.


- Casper Chiu


Welcome to join us, we are preparing our online course now, we will have 21 days online course and monthly online gathering with Hans Phillips. please leave email, when we reach to 200 people would like to join this online course, we will start it! 

歡迎加入我們,我們持續準備這21天的線上課程訓練內容,除了21天的幸福鍛鍊線上課程之外,我們每個月都會有一次和Hans Phillips 的線上活動。歡迎留下email, 人數達到 200位, 我們就會把這堂線上課程開啟!